Albemarle Capital

Our Approach

Integrated Team

Albemarle’s cohesive team works in a completely integrated fashion with regard to the sourcing, due diligence and capital placement elements of each raise. All of our team members are experienced in each facet of the raise, and each professional may take-on a different role from one raise to the next.  Every role involved in every raise is important.

All the professional roles involved in every raise depend upon relationships.  The sourcing, due diligence and placement functions are all relationship-critical. New opportunities are chiefly sourced through strong relationships, and a successful due diligence process depends upon professional, trusting engagements with management, which matures into respectful relationships.  Active investors engage with Albemarle, based upon our approach to each raise, our credibility, our integrity and our experience. We endeavor to originate quality opportunities and engage with active, meaningful investors.  Our relationship-based approach nurtures these opportunities.

Albemarle strives to originate unique and creative alternative investment opportunities for our institutional investor relationships.  Thus, we engage managers and GPs with best-in-class expertise across legal, audit, operational and investment functions of their businesses.  The demonstrated professionalism of the managers and GPs with which we engage, and of the institutional investors which we introduce, is critical to the success of the raise and to the success of our business, Albemarle Capital.